Registered office:
Via Caboto, 31
I-34147 Trieste
Tel: +39.040.280858 
Fax: +39.040.281305

Operational office:
Area Science Park, Padriciano 99, Bdg. E3 2nd floor
I-34149 Trieste
Tel: +39.040.375 5466 
Fax: +39.040.375 5467 

Demus Lab s.r.l. (LTD) employes six persons. A group of researcher workers and coffee skilled managers operates in the  AREA Science Park's office block.
Dr. Massimiliano Fabian, Executive Vice-President; Sales Manager;
Dr. Giovanni Bortoli, Sales Department;
Mr. Mario Novello, Searcher;
PhD. Eng. Yves Clyford Desobgo, Research and Development Manager;
Dr. Giovanni Curto, Searcher;
Dr. Elena Fragiacomo,Laboratory & Quality Manager;
Dr. Tiziana Cvitan, Management.